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The 380GW dash cam from AMS is to help our customers protect and manage their business fleet more effectively and efficiently. The discreet but stylish looking 380GW dash cam secures onto your vehicle’s windscreen using an adhesive mount and is installed with anti-tamper security locking screws that ensure that the SD card and power connection cannot be removed or manipulated.

The HD dash cam allows users to record up to 1080p Full HD video recording at 30fps (frames per second) or 720p at 60fps. This ensures that whatever setting you use, you can capture crisp, clear and detailed video footage that potentially may be the difference between identifying a registration plate or a quick movement on the road.

Built in Wi-Fi for instant mobile downloads via FREE app...

Allowing you to wirelessly view stored footage when connected wirelessly in the vehicle.


The 380GW dash cam is designed with businesses in mind and security is a top priority. Commercial dash cams are different than the normal dash cams on the market because they are designed to be tamper-proof and require zero driver intervention even in the case of an accident.


The commercial dash cam is fully fitted and connected to the ignition of the vehicle ensuring that as soon as the driver begins their journey the dash cam is recording in full HD.


One of the core benefits of the 380GW dash cam is that it uses ultra-wide viewing angle technology to ensure that it captures both sides of the road. The 140 degrees wide viewing angle is vital for recording every detail of a journey and means that you can capture more detail and footage than traditional older consumer car dash cams.


Developed with the requirements and preferences of those for whom the road is their workplace, the 380GW is built specifically for commercial vehicles. Along with its high-definition 1080p recording, GPS and speed data, and inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows for easy footage downloading and sharing, the 380GW prioritises safety and security, with a secure windscreen 3M adhesive mount and anti-tamper security locking screws protecting the SD card and power connections. And to ensure compatibility, the camera lens can be adjusted vertically to suit all commercial vehicles.


All commercial dash cams from AMS use GPS tracking technology, like our fleet vehicle tracking system. This technology means the dash cam can record location and speed of the fleet vehicle it is installed in. The data can be viewed easily on google maps and may prove to be an invaluable feature for insurance claims, protecting against theft and providing customers with both GPS and video footage to prove arrival-on-site.


Professional fitted 380GW commercial dash cams can be used to reduce insurance premiums as claims are easier to investigate (and prove) when there is constant high quality video footage available. A business dash cam can also act as a deterrent to reckless driving behaving by employees who may be more careful and sensible driving knowing that every decision and movement is being recorded.