Are You Ready For DVS 2020?

In October 2020 a major new law will come into effect for those who drive larger commercial vehicles in Greater London.

If, as a business, you intend to take vehicles that are 12 tonnes or over into the Greater London area you will need to have each vehicle covered by the new licence, or face fines for both Operator and Driver.

AMS are ready for DVS2020 and can help you achieve the safety standards to gain accreditation and continue operating your vehicles within the enforcement zone.

DVS Timeline

October 2019

DVS Permit and Safe System applications open

October 2020

DVS legislation live in Greater London for vehicles over 12 tonnes banning vehicles rated 0 stars.


DVS star requirements increased to 3 stars

Do I Require a Permit?

All vehicles over 12 tonnes and operating in Greater London will need a permit.
If your vehicle meets the minimum requirements for the Direct Vision Standard of one star, you will automatically be granted a permit. However, there are few vehicles that will meet this. If your vehicle does not meet the requisites, you can still be eligible for a permit by applying for the Safe System. The Safe System is a specification, similar to that of FORS silver and CLOCS, that requires devices for indirect vision (cameras, sensors and audible alarms) to be fitted to the vehicle to improve driver visibility.

How Do I Find Out What My DVS Star Rating Is?

Simply fill in the ‘check my star rating’ below and let AMS do the work. We will contact your manufacture and find out you vehicles star rating, then our experienced team will quote you for the DVS2020 approved system for your vehicle. If you are happy with this, we can then arrange a suitable date and time to install your system.

Direct Vision Standard Infographic by Brigade Electronics

The Direct Vision Standard in Detail…..What is required?

Devices that comply with the London lorry scheme include:
· A camera monitor system fitted to the nearside
· A proximity sensor system with audible driver alert to warn the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user on the nearside, such as a cyclist or pedestrian
· An audible vehicle manoeuvring warning “Caution: this vehicle is turning left”

AMS work with a manufacture approved partner that specialises in vehicle multi-camera and alert systems, AMS have a range of products to help operators meet the requirements of various specifications including the safe system for the Direct Vision Standard. Our team of experts work closely with road safety associations and charities to provide the best and most up to date advice. Interpreting various specifications and understanding the technology can be a minefield for operators. For example, references to ‘shall’, ‘should’ and ‘may’ in the Direct Vision standard depict whether a requirement is mandatory, recommended or permitted and transport managers can be left confused.

AMS now have a dedicated team on hand to advise and guide your business through the DVS2020 compliance process. From initial enquiry to installation and permit application we will work with your to bring your vehicles up to Direct Vision Standard.

AMS DVS2020 upgrade options.

AMS have been involved in the vehicle tracking and safety solutions industry for nearly 20 years, we can offer complete DVS2020 compliant packages with easy upgrade options to bring your vehicles safety levels to a FORS/CLOCS standard. We offer our upgrade options to be installed point of installation of the DVS2020 system as we are already working on the vehicle. This gives us the opportunity to offer heavily discounted optional extras, such as a reverse audio alert and/or reverse camera.
For the ultimate blind spot coverage we would recommend a DVS2020 upgrade package that easily brings your vehicle up to FORS silver standard by adding a rear camera to your system. Or for complete peace of mind as an operator our AMS PRO FORS GOLD system is a market leader. It offers a fully installed 1TB MDVR to enable HD recording for up to 30 days but also this MDVR is ‘LIVE CONNECTED’ ready, this means we can offer a live download package that can give you instant downloads from the vehicle straight to your PC or other device. This insures that if your driver is in an incident that requires immediate attention, you can simply connected to the vehicle through our AMS portal and select the time and date, then download the 3 minute clip and view instantly.

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