If you are looking for vehicle tracking then AMS have a diverse product base to suit your needs. Over the last 15 years clients needs have evolved and our portfolio has increased to cater for the market place. They are many applications of vehicle tracking and we aim to ensure that your exact requirement is met. The product consists of two components the actual hardware that is installed but more importantly the AMS Dashboard is used to access the information. All the hardware products report to the same portal to make system use as easy as possible. Some competitors systems are convoluted and difficult to use so finding the information you need can be onerous. Our platform has been designed with a minimal mouse click ethos.

Within AMS we have full control of the web portal as it is designed and maintained in-house. This gives us the ability to tailor the solution to customer’s exact requirement. This can be from bespoke reports through to the design and deployment of business applications such as job despatch.

Vehicle Tracking

Asset Monitoring Solutions has a vehicle tracking solution to suit every industry sector and fleet size. Our web portal and apps give you 24/7 access to the data you need in order to cut costs and carbon emissions, improve road safety, and boost productivity.




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