The ‘Driver ID’ addition adds a driver to the live screen against the asset linked to said Driver ID. In the vehicle is a small receiver that will need to be installed, ideally through a switch blank. There is an LED built into the receiver, and it will flash if a driver breaches a driver behaviour parameter. The ID system can be installed with a buzzer, which will sound when the vehicle is started and will only silence when the tag is presented to it.

The ‘Driver’ option adds new report menus into the reports section. These reports are now all driver centric and will report on whatever vehicle has been driven by each driver. The Driver Ranking report shows performance, but for data to be complete, we provide a tool in the Admin Menu to associate a driver to a journey if a tag failed to be presented.

The driver management screen allows full tag management, as tags are easily assigned and managed. On deployment, Asset Monitoring Solution’s Support will insert all tags and drivers, and label each fob so the solution is up and running on installation.

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