Driver Behaviour

According to road safety charity, RoSPA, businesses can reduce accident rates by more than a third when they adopt driver behaviour technology. Asset Monitoring Solution’s is an expert in driver behaviour analytics, working with some of the UK’s largest fleets and biggest insurance companies.

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Driver ID

The ‘Driver ID’ addition adds a driver to the live screen against the asset linked to said Driver ID. In the vehicle is a small receiver that will need to be installed, ideally through a switch blank. There is an LED built into the receiver, and it will flash if a driver breaches a driver behaviour parameter. The ID system can be installed with a buzzer, which will sound when the vehicle is started and will only silence when the tag is presented to it.

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Power Take Off

With PTO (Power Take Off) / Event tracking, it is possible to have full visibility of additional vehicle-related activities and peripheral equipment activities.

There are a wide range of applications for standard and specialist vehicles to monitor and measure a variety of equipment including:

Real-time tracking
Vehicle equipment monitoring
Historical usage reporting
Live alerts for unauthorised use

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If your fleet requires temperature monitoring then our Fleet Manager software can help clients monitor their fleet by adding a temperature monitoring probe to the system. Once installed every message from the device contains the temperature. The values are displayed on the live screen and can be reported against. The temperature report shows all details for the movement and the relevant temperature at that point in time.

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