Within the Ams Fleet Manager solution we can offer alerts based on all data we hold. These alert triggers can be configured against Events, Times, Locations and any combination of data.

These alerts can be configured to be delivered as Email, SMS (text) or notifications within our applications.

Below is a sample of our most utilised alert options

To configure each alert, simply click the magnifying glass icon and it will present the set up screen. When values are set up, they will appear in the email and SMS boxes.

  • Idle – when the engine is running and the asset hasn’t moved for 3 minutes it will trigger an idle alert.
    Out of Hours – when setting up this alert you enter a start and finish time per day. Any start outside of these hours will trigger an alert. If you wish to select the whole day as no working select 00:01 to 00:02, thus making the whole day outside of hours (i.e. a Saturday).
  • Over Speed – the device has a pre-configured over speed programmed into it. This alert can be set to notify as required.
    Power Loss – depending on the device installed, this can be configured so that when a device is removed from a power source you are notified.
  • Shield Breach – this is when the vehicle detects that it is moving, but has no ignition present. The GPS detects movement of greater than 50 Meters in one minute, so will report on a 1 minute cycle until movement is less than 50 Meters per minute.
  • Unauthorised Waypoint – this alert can be set by vehicle to specific waypoints. You must select the waypoints from the list that are not authorised locations. If a vehicle reports a start, stop or idle within the selected waypoint it will trigger the alert.
  • Waypoint Entry – this is triggered by any event within the waypoint selected.
  • Waypoint Exit – this is triggered by any event that reports being outside of the specified waypoint once the asset has reported being within it.
  • Waypoint Visit – this alert is only triggered by a start, stop or idle event within the selected waypoint.

There are multiple options on available alerts please contact your account manager if you have any bespoke requests

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