Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel has used tracking before, he wanted easy to install trackers for his vans and plant machinery. An easy to use application that could create timesheets was a must for Chris so he could compare working hours booked by his staff.
The solution….. ams provides Chris with the easy to install hybrid device that can be moved around easily from vehicle to vehicle. The timesheet and driver activity reports have given Chris the exact information he required, with a product support team that is unrivalled. From initial enquiry to installing his first device, ams provided the solution Chris needed at a cost effective price.


The team at ams made the process of choosing the right tracking solution for my business an easy one. The breakdown of the price means I’m tracking my vehicles for less than £2 a week! This is incredible value as I can monitor the working hours of my team quickly and easily. The out of hours alerts are peace of mind that should any of my vehicles move when they shouldn’t I get a text message telling me! Also, if a tracker is disconnected, again,, a text message to alert me. This isn’t just your average track and trace system, it’s fully managed and backed up by the team at Ams. Overall, this system has given me the information that helps my business run more efficiently and the tracker pays for itself tenfold. It didn’t take me long to increase my order so I can monitor my fleet of vehicles and plant machinery. I look forward to adding more trackers in the future and to continue receiving the first class service from Ams.